For Single Ladies: 5 Men You Must Never Say Yes To

1. Arrogant Vincent: This is the blazon of guy that is basically in adulation with mirrors. He stops to analysis out his absorption whenever you canyon by a mirror or a bottle door. His bristles is consistently neatly groomed, his clothes impeccable, his sunshades designers and on his close a gold chain. He’s consistently allurement you, “how do I look?” and never pays you a acclaim no bulk how admirable you look. It’s about as if he’s the changeable in the accord and he’s not even gay, he’s just vain.

If you’re searching for a man to say yes to this season, Arrogant Vincent is absolutely not that guy. You’re apparently traveling to absorb the blow of your activity cogent him how admirable he is and not apprehend him to acquaint you how admirable you are too. Not alone that you should aswell apprehend that your ancestors account will activity a college bulk for his clothes and accessories than your feeding!

2. Brutish Bamidele: This one is absolutely the affectionate of guy you shouldn’t say yes to unless you are accomplished in aggressive arts and you apparently accept a atramentous belt. He’s consistently violent, consistently has a backpack of cigarettes in his car, quarrels with keke drivers on the way, consistently reeks of alcohol, never concedes an altercation no bulk how amiss he is, says things like “women allocution too much… they adapted to be thrashed to accumulate them in their place”, calls his mother a whore, verbally abuses his sisters and is so careful if it comes to you that he’s accessible to exhausted up any guy he sees blind about you. Of advance if he’s with you, he’s about nice, pays you adulation and treats you like you are the centre of his world. He tells you all added women are sluts and you are so different. He tells you he cannot reside after you and buys you admirable gifts. Once in a while he hits you if he’s affronted and tells you it is your accountability for accepting him angry. Again he buys you ability and begs you not to leave him or he will absolutely die. Brutish Bamidele is a animal in every faculty of the chat and you are not the one to acclimatized him if his mother couldn’t. Stop giving yourself brainless affidavit for because adage yes to him unless you don’t apperception sentencing yourself to a lifetime of abuse.

3. Egoistic Emeka: If there is anyone you should abstain adage yes to again it is Egoistic Emeka. He’s the guy that believes aggregate should circumduct about him. He’s alone blessed if the altercation is about him. He’s not absolutely arrogant he just has a big ego. He’s actual self-cantered and doesn’t apperception how abundant he’s traveling to aggravation you just to accept his needs met. He’s alone in a acceptable affection if you acclaim him, talks about his dreams and achievements after paying a alert ear to yours, becomes affronted whenever you accept a acclamation or accolade at work, is acutely aggressive and doesn’t apperception befitting you alive through the night accusatory about his aide at plan who seems to accept an bend over him, dominates every chat with tales of his prowess, charcoal angry if you get something he desires until you duke it over to him and sulks if he doesn’t get his way. If you are in a accord with Egoistic Emeka again you should anticipate of calling it quits now afore it is too backward unless you don’t apperception acclamation someone’s ego for the blow of your life. Men about accept big egos but if it is such that he is awful afraid again it is actual ailing and will affectation issues for you in the future.

4. Inconsistent Ignatius: This one never holds down a job. He has abundant dreams and thinks his administration are all abandoned and if he were to see just one actor naira he’ll alpha up his dream business and in no time they will be calling him “Sir”. He consistently knows how best things should be done, speaks articulately, has dreams of amplitude and talks about how abundant money he’s traveling to accept anon after anytime alive harder at anything. He has actual bad money habits, keeps borrowing money from you and can even action with his endure dime. He’s consistently optimistic about how abundant he’s traveling to accomplish from an abstract accord and yet never achieves anything. His dreams change every now and then. Today he’s so abiding he wants to own a computer centre and tomorrow he wants to be a footballer. He lets you pay for aggregate you do together, cabs, dinners and even recharge cards. Unless you’re accessible to be the one to bottom all the bills in that accord and be the agent if you get affiliated you accept no business dating a guy like Inconsistent Ignatius.

5. Slutty Sule: OK I apperceive the chat abandoned is commonly acclimated to call lose females but there are some guys that coquette so abundant that they deserve to be alleged sluts. Abandoned Sule is the archetypal nice guy. He knows absolutely how to amuse a lady. He buys you gifts, sends adventurous argument messages, leaves roses at your doorstep, opens the car aperture for you to enter, pulls out the bench for you if you go out and gives a alert ear if you are speaking. On the face of it, Abandoned Sule seems to be the absolute guy but something tells you that you’re not the alone woman in his life. One minute he’s cogent you how abundant he loves you and wants to absorb the blow of his activity with you and the next he’s staring at one chicken paw-paw that struts accomplished him never apperception that she may not even be as appealing as you. He’s consistently anxiously attention his phone, answering calls from altered girls and smelling of altered feminine perfumes which he claims is nothing. If you see him with a altered babe he’ll be quick to acquaint you that it’s his abundant admirable sister’s niece. Well, unless you’re accessible to be angry with altered girls accustomed he’s absolutely not the man to say yes to.

So ladies while you’re accepting fun this blithe division and authoritative yourself accessible for Mr. Right to acquisition be yourself, abide abiding and bethink these 5 guys you have to never say yes to.

Dare to be yourself…

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