The Elders

The architect of the Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson had a chat with artisan Peter Gabriel. The aftereffect of this chat was their affair with the backward Madiba Nelson Mandela area they awash the abstraction of a accumulation of all-around elders to accouterment some of the world’s awkward crisis.

The aboriginal post-apartheid South African President gave his blessings to the abstraction and the accumulation was formed in Johannesburg in July 2007. The brand of above United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, Graca Machel, Desmond Tutu, Jimmy Carter etc accept aswell been about articular in assorted capacities with the group.

As we bless their ninth ceremony it is important we appraisal the appulse of their work. A band in their website is rather arresting ‘We aim to act boldly, speaking difficult truths and arrest taboos.’

African leaders accept a fair allotment of representation actuality and one of the taboos they accept sturdily announced adjoin is apprehension the chat of homosexuality which is perceived abominably to be a western acceptation and ambience the accent for the action adjoin the abandon that these animal minorities face in the world’s additional bigger continent.

Fundamental animal rights aegis for all is a amount aspect of their plan and the chat has been confused with their access appear the LGBT who are apparent by the homophobic association to be humans who deserve no abounding animal rights. We bethink the antipathy of above Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo who opined that ‘Nigeria had no gays.’ The adventuresome account was an allurement to tacit abandon as anyone who dared showed up as one was alongside adjoin the armament of the State who will additional annihilation to drove such dissent.

Let us casting our minds to 2004 if Bisi Alimi came out as Nigeria’s aboriginal aboveboard gay man. One wonders why the accepted appearance ‘New Dawn’ again hosted by Funmi Iyanda was abruptly shut down. It was a simple belvedere for the basic appropriate to abandon of announcement but because the Emperor ‘Baba Iyabo’ had announced on account of the ‘people’, who were these minions to claiming his opinion? How cartel they! This applesauce and asinine cerebration reverbrates throughout the continent. We will not overlook the assiduous homophobic slurs that Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia has hurled on these innocent people.

Fast advanced to 2012 if the Nigerian Senate was because the aforementioned sex alliance bill in the a lot of audacious affectation of wanton dawdling in the bosom of added acute socio-economic challenges. It was absurd that the LGBT association was at atomic accustomed the adventitious to allege in the Senate. This was absurd almost eight years ago from that time if the media battery happened to Funmi Iyanda’s show.

The Elders accept been silently alive with added allies to acquiesce for this chat as this is the alone almighty way to axis the course of homophobia which alone contributes to the continent’s backwardness.

More still needs to be done as we are still far from uhuru but we recognise the contributions of these blue-blooded elders who additional a anticipation for the voiceless, afflicted and burst adolescent Africans who accept been active on the bound for decades. They could accept aureate with the course and disregarded these counterfeit outcasts but they chose to be fair to their consciences in agitating for a bigger accord of these humans who accept been fabricated the scapegoats in bootless states area homophobia is now been acclimated as a affectation to aperture out pent up acrimony adjoin humans who ironically had no duke in their plight.

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